There are hundreds, if not thousands of European girls currently working in the escort industry. What will happen if Brexit goes to the hard way and none of these ladies and currently allowed to reside in the United Kingdom? 

Indeed, you will see borderline catastrophic effects on the escort industry, with the girls from other countries going back to their homes. This is because, they make up a large proportion of the girls available to you. There are more European ladies working in the United Kingdom, than British escorts themselves. 

For this reason, there would be a severe lack of escorts available to you and indeed, not enough to meet the demands from clients. Especially on weekends, where clients want girls to party with. As this is the busiest of periods for any escort. 

As you can see, Brexit will affect the escort industry, greatly. Any stop to the freedom of movement, that Europe gives. Which allows the escorts to enter the country. Will have an effect on the escorting industry unlike anything you could possibly imagine. 

If you are a client who voted to leave the E.U, then you, for sure, made a terrible mistake and could have potentially put your own happiness at risk. As the girls available to you will dwindle to just a few. 

It will not happen over a few years either, literally all of the European escorts will disappear within the space of a week and never return. They will look to other countries that they can move to. In order to still have a living doing what they know – Being an escort. 

The clients who will be most affected are those residing in London. As ALL of the escorts here are eastern European. There is two hundred and fifty foreign girls working, for every one white British girl available.